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Nathan Graham’s practice focuses primarily on complex commercial litigation and transactions with a particular focus on construction, public-private partnerships, and corporate matters. Nathan also has considerable experience in corporate restructuring, finance and related transactions. View articles by Nathan

Federal Highway Construction Funding Extended for Another Year Without Long-Term Plan in PlaceOne of the key refrains of national politics recently has been that we need to address, repair, and replace aging infrastructure. Of course, this leads to the core problem of funding as the amount of infrastructure construction and maintenance currently needed in the U.S. is staggering. The federal government recently put off dealing with this

Status of Public Private Partnerships in TexasIn recent years, the state of Texas jumped headlong into public-private partnerships in a variety of different arenas. Often called PPP, 3P or P3, this delivery method has rapidly become the go-to avenue for delivering projects that a governmental authority does not have either the funding or expertise to complete on its own. In Texas,