When Does an Enhanced Debriefing Close? A Recent Court Decision ExplainsOne might forget these days that bid protests are still going on. But they are, and a recent Court of Federal Claims (COFC) case provides insight into the timeliness of protests for the purpose of obtaining a stay of contract performance when filed under the enhanced debriefing procedures of the Department of Defense (DOD).


David K. Taylor
Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, Nashville, TN


Do We Still Need Retainage?

There have been debates for years about the pros and cons of owners withholding retainage (usually 5% or 10%, depending on each state’s retainage laws or local “industry standard”) from prime contractors. Typically, the primes will, in turn, withhold retainage from all subcontractors. However,

2020 Construction Planning in the Wake of COVID-19The COVID-19 pandemic swiftly eroded recent gains in the U.S. and world economies and has exposed economic and societal vulnerabilities that many believed, or at least hoped, would never come to light. There’s no doubt the virus is negatively affecting the economy, American workers and families. Although construction has been deemed “essential” to one degree